The roles we play

We all play roles in our families and they can be deeply engrained.

AND you get to change the role you play.

You no longer need to be the peace keeper, the rescuer, the good child, the deliverer.

You do not need to take on the anxiety and rules of the system.

You can maintain a sense of self and be with your family.

To observe the behaviour without it sending your system into a tailspin.

And you can choose how much you engage and interact with people and systems that are unhealthy – and learn how to stay healthy in them.

And let’s be clear – it’s not a quick fix by any means.

But it’s possible.

And you don’t need to burn any bridges or ruin relationships or damage memories of loved ones who are no longer with us by doing it.

p.s. My happy families program starts on 26th April.

This will be a four month (very) small group program comprising:

– Monthly teaching

– Monthly Q&A

– Monthly group coaching

– Monthly 1:1 coaching

In month one we will look at why your childhood impacts you now and explore everything stopping you from feeling ok to do this work (family guilt is real folks and you need to FEEL safe to look at this stuff if you are going to get what you need from this work).

In month two we dive into your family rules and systems. What are the silent agreements you have signed up to that are creating results you don’t want? What is the role you have taken in your family – and as a result every relationship you have had since (if you people please or rescue or avoid conflict – this is going to change your life).

In month three we will address common challenges and how to overcome them. We will also deep dive into your specific challenges in the Q&A and coaching calls.

And month four will focus on moving forward. Unwinding the patterns, stepping away from unhelpful programming, letting go of the roles you have taken. We will also look at how you can engage with your family (and extended family – we will totally be looking at the in laws here too!) in a healthy way in the future.

I’m capping the happy families group at 8 to ensure we have a super safe and intimate space to do this work.

There will be teaching, coaching, Q&A, lots of practical tips and above all else – nervous system regulation (which is what it’s all about – getting into the core patterns you’ve had since you were very little that still impact your day to day now).

If you want to speak to me to see if it’s a good fit, drop me a message and we can set up a call.

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