Maybe it was that bad…

When many think trauma they think war, horrific accidents, sexual abuse etc.

But trauma spans so much more.

One relatively common type of trauma is developmental or childhood trauma.

Often it occurs when a parent or caregiver isn’t in a place to help a child self soothe because they are too anxious/depressed etc themselves. So the child is left to cry. Or told to be quiet.

Or where they can’t deal with emotions and shut down when needed by the child. So the child comes home from school sad about an event that happened and are told it’s no big deal, to suck it up.

Or the child comes home super excited and chatty and are sent upstairs because mummy has a headache.

Not seen. Not heard.

Seems innocuous enough, but the impact this stuff has on the development of a child’s brain is no joke.

And the sad truth is I reckon most people have experienced some of this – and as normal as it is, that doesn’t stop it’s impact being very real.

And because it’s so normal and we are so conditioned to say that everything was “fine” (when it really wasn’t) we haven’t quite joined the dots between that and the anxiety, stress, depression and medical challenges that present as adults.

It’s crippling work places, homes and relationships.

And people limp along doing what they can, with a life that looks good but where they exist from a space of feeling lost, stuck and disconnected, without an explanation for why.

Still, as adults, desperate to be seen and heard.

Trying to climb the corporate ladder and create the next accolade so they can finally feel like they matter.

All the while taking the same trauma patterns wherever they go.

When I talk about doing the deeper work. This is it.

I will help you change careers, start a business, leave a marriage, create a relationship. All of it. BUT without the trauma from your past coming with you.

If you know you have some stuff.

I’m here.

A life that looks AND feels the way you want it to is created one layer at a time.

If you are ready to peel back the layers, my 1:1 coaching is for you.

Message me.

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