“Having had the pleasure of being coached by Louise, I would be very happy to recommend her to others. She has a very positive outlook enthusiasm for personal development which is infectious. Louise created a safe space which allowed me to explore and manage the chaos which goes on in my mind.”

Paul Adams


Alix Partners

“I approached Louise to help me process a big career change decision as her corporate background and personal journey really resonated with me. I loved how she used an evidence based approach to challenge my mental blocks and I came away feeling liberated and empowered.”

“ I have found it really useful to have space and time to work through difficult issues and development points in a confidential space, away from the distractions of work.  I think it has been tremendously beneficial to be able to talk with someone who not only understands professional services firms (culture, organisation, clients, metrics etc) but who has also ‘lived’ the Big 4 experience.  This can be difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it and I felt that this common experience meant that we could get to the nub of issues much more quickly than I would have with another coach. "



“I contacted Louise, because I was overwhelmed, I hit a wall. I didn’t feel it would be possible to change my thinking. I felt trapped, like I was going round on a hamster wheel. The thought of ‘different’ at that point didn’t even enter my head. I was felling very vulnerable about opening up, and a little embarrassed. The thought of saying how I actually felt ‘out loud‘ was very overwhelming. Working with Louise has been an incredible experience. She has 100% changed my life, and that’s not something I say lightly.” 



Working with you has been an overwhelming positive experience for me.  Your approach is pragmatic, caring but most importantly authentic to who you are as a person.  Trust in a coaching relationship is key as it is only when you feel secure in that relationship can you really work on the ‘difficult’ stuff without fear of judgement. 

I have come through the programme with a better understanding of who I am, what my values are, why these are important to me and what value I bring to work, friendships and my family.  I can better spot my triggers for self-doubt and anxiety and I now have tools to manage these both in the moment and longer term.

In summary my backpack isn't as full or heavy as a result of working with you!!” 




“Louise came into my life at a point where I was in need of some impartiality and space to really assess my career. She enabled me to have the time I needed to think and work through some tough situations and conversations building my confidence and self belief. Louise showed a real interest in me and was great at summing up my often disjointed flow of thought while picking up on the smallest of details. It was a privilege to be coached by someone who I had an instant connection with and who asked the right questions to really make me think. ”



Louise was recommended to me by a mutual connection who recognised I was seeking to work with someone for help with ongoing personal battles. From our first initial conversation it was clear that she was exactly who I’d been seeking but was unable to find locally, the beauty being she coached online so distance was not an issue.

As I had a number of focuses it was important for me to give those enough time to work through, so I signed up to work with Louise for 6 months and although there are still a number of areas I wish to work on, I can honestly say the investment of coaching has been extremely worthwhile and something I would highly recommend to others, especially those who have identified a change they wish to make within their lives.
What I benefited from greatly was having someone to ask the difficult questions of me whilst giving me a safe space to answer truthfully without fear of judgement. I worked through scenarios, prepared for things I was nervous about and discovered a lot about myself in the process.
I’d like to say a huge thank you to Louise, her ability to explore ideas, unpick beliefs, give a different perspective and her willingness to share her own journey has helped me immensely. ”



“Louise is like a best friend, a sister, a counsellor, a doctor, a lawyer you ask for advice: you confide in her with what you’d like to change, knowing that you have that relationship, but also knowing that she has all the skills to steer your energy towards your goal. Sometimes she is that best friend who wants what’s best for you, sometimes she is that counsellor who makes you dig a little, sometimes she is that pragmatic lawyer who knows reason. But ALWAYS she is the person who has the end result in mind, whatever your goal is, it is hers too and she supports you skilfully, and wholeheartedly.” 

Katia Lansdowne


Stanhope Capital

“I came to Louise with limited experience with life coaches, but knew I needed some help in order for my life to change. I was so ‘together’ in my work life…amazing job, no financial worries, but my relationship just wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I came to Louise wanting to learn the tools to live happily with my partner. She has helped me turn my life around and I am so grateful for all the work she has done with me. I can now say confidently that I have the tools to live (almost) harmoniously with my partner and I couldn’t recommend her services enough. She listens, challenges and genuinely cares. Thanks Louise!” 



“Louise has a sharp and insightful approach and helped me make sense of life at a very difficult time for me and my family. She brought perspective through her coaching, challenging me to discover what is really important to me and what I was avoiding. Louise has given me confidence and helped me create a clear plan to move forward with my business. I would definitely recommend Louise as a coach.”



“Brilliant service delivered from a friendly and professional coach. Advice is delivered in a practical way, providing a great range logical next steps, and unique goals. I would thoroughly recommend Louise’s services to my friends and family for all coaching needs.” 



“A great experience going through coaching with Louise. Her relaxed but probing style meant I explored many areas I was leaving unexplored and I have seen a noticeable difference in my approach and attitude during the time I have been working with her. Highly recommended.” 



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