Many self-development programmes make promises about being able to transform behaviour and thought patterns, but few manage to achieve this beyond the duration of the course. Juggling my own business and parenthood means I have little spare time to invest in self-development (particularly during periods of lockdown) and this is the first course I have taken which has truly been realistic and manageable for me to fit into my schedule. The results are incredible and I truly believe everyone would benefit from participating in the programme. When I started, I believed I was investing in my professional development, but the impact on my personal life has been just as profound. I thought I had high self-awareness before however this course has elevated it to an entirely new level. Louise’s support has extended beyond the programme with guidance and handy tips to maintain progress. Louise has such a professional, approachable and compassionate nature and I wouldn’t hesitate to approach her for guidance and coaching in the future.


I was drawn to work with you because of our similar professional backgrounds and experiences. It was really important for me to work with someone who really “got it”.

You understood personally what it was like to work in a corporate environment and the pressure/expectation to work a lot, put work before anything else, and always be in the situation of trying to manage your health so you could be on/available for work.

You seemed to understand what it was like to want to say no and could see the negative effect it had on your health and personal life, but feel pressured to work through it all anyways.

Even though I don’t wish burnout on anyone, I appreciated that you had your own burnout experience, which made me think you understood exactly what I had gone through.

Based on the way you talked about your own recovery from burnout, it gave me hope that I could heal from my own burnout experience and even prevent it for myself (and even my employees) in the future.

My favorite part of doing this work was seeing that a little goes a long way. Bringing in small techniques make a massive difference for me.

I actually didn’t have to do a lot of work, or do anything that hard, to create a big shift in my life.

You provided so many ways for us to interact with and understand the material. I loved the hybrid format of 1:1 and group coaching.

I hear a lot about “processing emotions” and “creating safety” and I learned exactly how to do this in the program. I had a number of emotion-processing experiences throughout the program that felt like such a relief and offered me so much unexpected insight into my personal values, healing on past experiences, and direction for decisions I was wavering on.

My mom passed away unexpectedly during the program. I had the resources to process the grief of losing her without being able to say goodbye, as well as deal with some related family drama in the way that *I* wanted to, not what I felt like I “should” do. I felt present to myself and my needs during my mom’s passing, and afterwards with the estate planning and funeral.

Professionally, I’ve been able to set a lot of boundaries for myself and feel 0% guilt about it. I’ve never put myself first at work before, but I’ve seen how it’s made me a better manager and colleague. I don’t work extra hours now, but surprisingly (to me ) I’ve received so much more feedback about how much value I add to the team. After the program, I have a hard time relating to my colleagues who are “super busy” and “so stressed”.

I feel really, really good physically and mentally at work, I don’t feel like I’m compromising my health or boundaries, but am still making a big impact.

I think 2 groups of people would really benefit from your work:

(1) Professionals in “traditional” careers who either have had a burnout experience that they want to recover from, or think that they’re headed to burnout and want to prevent it from happening. Managers especially can benefit from working with you, because they have such a pivotal role in creating the work environment for their employees.

(2) Coaches who want to take their training to the next level can benefit from working with you. What you’re teaching is cutting edge and what no one else is doing.

Emily Slachetka

I cannot recommend working with Louise highly enough! When we started working together I had just had my first book published and my business was growing rapidly, the issue I had was that I was working all of the hours, taking no down time and not really enjoying my work. I wanted to work with a coach who understood how important my business was to me whilst also understanding how important everything else was as well. In short, after 6 months of working together I am working less hours and generating (way) more income - but more than that, I am enjoying working and loving the extra time I am spending with my family and myself. Fundamentally Louise helped me to bring joy back into my life everyday and doing it in a way that actually enabled me to grow my business



“ I have found it really useful to have space and time to work through difficult issues and development points in a confidential space, away from the distractions of work. 
I think it has been tremendously
beneficial to be able to talk with someone who not only understands
professional services firms (culture, organisation, clients, metrics etc) but
who has also ‘lived’ the Big 4 experience.

This can be difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it
and I felt that this common experience meant that we could get to the nub of
issues much more quickly than I would have with another coach. 



“I contacted Louise, because I was overwhelmed, I hit a wall. I didn’t feel it would be possible to change my thinking. I felt trapped, like I was going round on a hamster wheel. The thought of ‘different’ at that point didn’t even enter my head. I was felling very vulnerable about opening up, and a little embarrassed. The thought of saying how I actually felt ‘out loud‘ was very overwhelming. Working with Louise has been an incredible experience. She has 100% changed my life, and that’s not something I say lightly.” 



Louise was recommended to me by a mutual connection who recognised I was seeking to work with someone for help with ongoing personal battles. From our first initial conversation it was clear that she was exactly who I’d been seeking but was unable to find locally, the beauty being she coached online so distance was not an issue.

As I had a number of focuses it was important for me to give those enough time to work through, so I signed up to work with Louise for 6 months and although there are still a number of areas I wish to work on, I can honestly say the investment of coaching has been extremely worthwhile and something I would highly recommend to others, especially those who have identified a change they wish to make within their lives.
What I benefited from greatly was having someone to ask the difficult questions of me whilst giving me a safe space to answer truthfully without fear of judgement. I worked through scenarios, prepared for things I was nervous about and discovered a lot about myself in the process.
I’d like to say a huge thank you to Louise, her ability to explore ideas, unpick beliefs, give a different perspective and her willingness to share her own journey has helped me immensely. ”



I was in a job that I really loved 40% of the time but really didn't love 60% of the time. I had not felt like this in a job before and just couldn't understand what the issue was, so I just kept trying to ignore it and hoped it would get better. But I felt so drained and just so lost as to what to do next.

This course enabled me to work through many different aspects, my own strengths and weaknesses, my own boundaries, my own judgment of myself and others for example and listen to those of others too.

The course enabled me to frame why I was having the 60% lows - the role wasn't playing to my strengths and was impacting my boundaries.

By understanding more about me, I was able to have a "grown up" conversation at work (as practiced in the "difficult conversation" week) and work through with my boss what wasn't working. I thought my only option was to resign but in fact what has happened is that a different pathway has opened up, one that would not have been available without that conversation. So better equipped with the knowledge from the course, I start a new role next month which I believe plays more to my strengths.

... and if it isn't the right role, that isn't a problem because I have a bank of knowledge about myself, that I can refer to, more confidence around myself and my boundaries and how I want my ideal week to look, to support my future decisions.

Thank you Louise

Senior Manager


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