1:1 coaching programmes

1:1 Coaching

You worked hard to get to where you are today, only to realise it doesn’t feel like you thought it would.

On paper you look successful, but if you are honest with yourself, you don’t feel it.

You aren’t sure you want to keep doing your current job, but have no idea what you want to do instead.

It feels like a waste to walk away from a career that you spent so long training for.

Plus, how are you ever going to create the income you get now from something else?

And yet, you have this niggle, a sense that there is something else you could be doing that would let you feel as successful as you look.

I work with people who want to explore that niggle and see where it takes them. 

Working together I will help you identify what success looks and feels like in all areas of your life and what needs to happen to get you there.

And then we will get to work to make it happen. 

Client results include:

I will help you create a life that feels exceptional on all fronts. 

All coaching calls are delivered online via zoom and I am insured to coach globally. 

Is this programme what you need?

Imagine feeling content about who you are, clear on what you want and confident enough to create a life that feels amazing

Working with me one to one will allow you to create lasting change.

This programme is for you if:

– You don’t just want to look successful, you want to feel it too

– You are ready to ditch the traditional tick box approach to success in order to find your own version

– You want a life filled with meaning and purpose and need some support to make that a reality 

– You are committed to doing the work required to work through the thoughts that are holding you back from being the person you are meant to be

In this transformational coaching programme we will explore any and all areas of your life including your career, finances, relationships, family, health and wellbeing.

I will help you get clear on what you want in each area and together we will work through anything that is currently getting in the way of you achieving that. 

Together we will explore the “what next” to ensure you have a plan in place that delivers.

At the end of this programme you will truly understand yourself, your strengths and your values and will have a clear plan for how you will apply your strengths, values and vision to create a life that feels exciting Monday through Sunday.

If you are curious about how I can help you transform your life, use the link on this page to book your free call to speak with me.

On the call we will explore where you are right now and how you want to feel in the future. I will walk you through exactly what is stopping you feeling the way you want and how I can help you change that. 

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you create success on your terms (as opposed to the version of success you have been told you should want).


What do clients say about working with me?

"I contacted Louise, because I was overwhelmed, I hit a wall. I didn’t feel it would be possible to change my thinking. I felt trapped, like I was going round on a hamster wheel. The thought of ‘different’ at that point didn’t even enter my head.
I was feeling very vulnerable about opening up, and a little embarrassed. The thought of saying how I actually felt ‘out loud‘ was very overwhelming.

Working with Louise has been an incredible experience. She has 100% changed my life, and that’s not something I say lightly."



"A great experience working with Louise. A calm and measured approach and some great insight and practical tips. Highly recommended!" 

Prinal Nathwani



"Such a level-headed coach who always gives you enough of a push, but not too much that things become too uncomfortable. Louise has helped me see things from a perspective that I never considered, which I’ve managed to apply to so many things in my life. If you’re considering reaching out to Louise I promise you won’t regret it at all!"



Louise was recommended to me by a mutual connection who recognised I was seeking to work with someone for help with ongoing personal battles. From our first initial conversation it was clear that she was exactly who I’d been seeking but was unable to find locally, the beauty being she coached online so distance was not an issue.

As I had a number of focuses it was important for me to give those enough time to work through, so I signed up to work with Louise for 6 months. I can honestly say the investment of coaching has been extremely worthwhile and something I would highly recommend to others, especially those who have identified a change they wish to make within their lives.
What I benefited from greatly was having someone to ask the difficult questions of me whilst giving me a safe space to answer truthfully without fear of judgement. I worked through scenarios, prepared for things I was nervous about and discovered a lot about myself in the process.
I’d like to say a huge thank you to Louise, her ability to explore ideas, unpick beliefs, give a different perspective and her willingness to share her own journey has helped me immensely.


Thank you




Sofia completed a 6 month coaching program with me from June to December 2020.

She went from working 15+ hour days and making 3-4K an month to making 11k, 15k and 17.5k in the last 3 months of 2020 working 7 hours a day, 4 days a week.

From EVERYTHING being about her business to having afternoons, Fridays and weekends for herself and her family.

From assuming every price of work she pitched for would be a no, to knowing the value of what she brings and feeling confident clients will see that too.

From saying yes to everything, to being able to choose to do the work that she actually wants to do.

From being plagued by procrastination, over thinking and worrying what everyone was going to think about her and her work, to just getting on with it and sending it out (MASSIVE time saver).

From letting any negative feedback/comments send her into a tailspin for days, to seeing it for what it is – and being able to quickly move on and get back to what’s important.

She’s also improved the relationship with her partner and how she interacts with her son.

She has learned that success without the sacrifice is available to her.

That it’s possible to make a lot of money, doing the work she enjoys AND have time for everything else that is important.

And not only has she achieved all of this in 6 months, she now has these skills to use for life and can keep building on what we have done together for years to come.

If I had told her in June that a 7 hour day, 17.5k months and considerable less stress and hassle was possible, I’m not sure she would have believed me.

Now it’s just who she is.

What do you want to be able to believe 6 months from now?

And how could you then build on that for the rest of your life?

Book a call

Book a free, no obligation, 30 minute call with me to find out more about the coaching I offer.

On the call you can tell me where you are in each aspect of your life (work, relationships, finances, health etc) and where you ideally want to be.

I will let you know exactly what I think you need to work on and will explain how we can work together in order to make your ideal a reality.

You will leave the call with a clear plan of the areas you want to tackle and an understanding of how I could help if we decide to work together.

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