The ongoing messiness of family

You know your family is a bit messy.

But your childhood was a long time ago.

You’ve built a good life for yourself since then.

There’s no need to go digging around in the past.


Your childhood impacted how you developed. Your brain and your body. It shaped how you learned to survive and adapt to circumstances.

And you still have those patterns now.

They play out in every aspect of your life, whether you see it or not.

And some of those patterns are stopping your life from feeling as you want it to.

The fear of conflict

A desperate need not to upset others or cause disappointment

Putting up with your bosses cr@ppy behaviour


Your relationship with food

And maybe alcohol

Your ability to create and maintain close friendships

And romantic relationships

So looking at your childhood and the dysfunction in your family isn’t about digging around in the past – it’s about doing what is required so you don’t take your past into your future.

You were determined not to turn into your parents, but the older you get, the more the traits come through.

This is why.

And if that’s not the future you want, it’s time to peel off the layers that aren’t you in order to reveal who you are and what you are here to do.

Because a life that is lived to try and please others at the sacrifice of yourself – well, it isn’t going to be a fun experience for you.

And though it takes courage to do what you want and move away from some of what you thought you needed to be – it’s always worth it.

It’s time to be who you are.

And when you are ready to dive in, I am ready to help.

In my 3 month program “Happy Families” you will learn about your family dynamics and understand how they impact your day to day. You will leave with the tools to manage your family in a healthy way AND to stop repeating the patterns of those dynamics in all areas of your life.

Through a combination of live teaching, group coaching and Q&A sessions, plus private 1:1 coaching, I will help you understand, manage and navigate your families – even the trickiest members!

Dealing with your family in a way that works for you is important.

It’s important for the family interactions you have (or don’t have).

But it’s also important in the interactions you have with others.

How you are in intimate relationships, friendships and with colleagues is a direct reflection of the family system you grew up in and the rules you adopted.

The same goes with how you see yourself, how you speak yourself and the pressures you put on yourself each day – to perform, succeed, look a certain way and so on.

This is going to be a super small group, I’m capping it at 8.

Confidentiality and trust will be key and the space will be safe.

Drop me a message to get on the waitlist and find out more when the program launches.

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