You worked hard to get to where you are today, but it doesn’t feel like you thought it would.

You followed the checklist you were given, only to complete it and think “is this it?”

Now you are ready to ditch that checklist and write your own rulebook to create a life that feels extraordinary Monday to Sunday.

Together, we will identify what you want in all areas of your life and work through whatever is needed to make that a reality.

We will get you to a place where you can thrive – at work, at home and in the relationships you have with yourself and others.

To be and feel successful, without the sacrifice.

An Extraordinary Life

Life is good AND you want more...

- Meaningful work that is enjoyable and pays well

- Great relationships (with yourself and others)

- And a mind that isn't secretly plagued with stress and anxiety

- Basically, an extraordinary life, on your terms

It's all possible and this is the space to discover how

1:1 Coaching

Working with me 1:1 isn’t just career or business coaching – because let’s be honest, you know it’s not only a career change or new business that you need.

There’s something else getting in the way of how you want to feel.

When you work with me, I’m here for all of it and we work through all of it.

In my 1:1 coaching, where appropriate, we will also address the impact of past trauma, family disfunction and societal conditioning so that you truly get to enjoy the life you create.

Working together, I will help you identify what success looks and feels like in all areas of your life and what needs to happen to get you there.

And then we will get to work to make it happen.

Who am I?


I am a recent escapee to the country and live on the outskirts of the Cotswolds with my husband and bestie, Nat – plus Sydney, our miniature Goldendoodle puppy. She’s a real delight (when she’s not trying to eat the furniture!)

As an introvert, I love having time to myself to recharge and can often be found enjoying long walks in nature with only a podcast for company.

I also enjoy hanging out with friends over a long lunch or coffee (or both), having decent conversations.

As your coach, I know exactly how to help you, because, alongside my training (I am an accredited coach with a diploma in transformational coaching and have also trained in positive intelligence, human design and trauma resolution) and over 1000 hours of doing this work with clients, I have been where you are.

Prior to becoming a coach I worked as a Tax Litigation Solicitor in the Big 4 for over a decade.

I stayed in environments that didn’t suit me because I didn’t think I had another choice.

Outside of work it impacted my health, wellbeing, marriage and friendships.

I couldn’t see an alternative career path, was worried about looking like a failure and thought that doing something I enjoyed would mean limiting my earning potential. I believed you could have money or a balanced life, but not both.

Learning it didn’t need to be an either or, was a game changer.

I will show you the same.

We will figure out your what next, quicker, more effectively and with less stress than you could on your own.

To identify and work through the things that are stopping you from having the life you want.

And build the confidence, self belief and resilience required to go after your dreams and turn them in to reality – no matter what your friends, family and colleagues have to say about it.

Who do I work with?


I work with ambitious and self driven people who are done just looking successful, they want to feel it to.

They want to do work that brings them joy and makes a difference in the world.

They want a life with balance.

An ability to switch off.

To have a home life that isn’t completely taken over with work or thinking about work.

Better relationships. With colleagues, loved ones and friends.

To remove the impact of years of conditioning and the weight of other’s expectations to reveal who they are meant to be and what they are capable of.

Together we go to work and get it done.

Do you want in?

Via my signature group coaching program, An Extraordinary Life, you will work through everything stopping you from having a life that feels extraordinary.

This isn’t a cookie cutter course, it’s a deeply personal experience that will meet you where you are and help you create the life you want over and over again. 

For program information, testimonials, FAQs and to join, click here.

I also work with a small number of 1:1 clients. If you want to explore (or maybe discover) what success on your terms looks and feels like and have my tailored support to make it happen, click here. 

Book a free 45 minute call to find out more
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