You did well at school. And uni.

You Passed every exam you ever sat (driving tests may have been another matter but that’s a post for another day).

Went into the world of work and excelled.

And yes you’ve always kind of over worked.

Felt a bit anxious.

And struggled to switch off.

But that’s just normal.

It is what it is after all!

Only now you are a few years in to work, you can’t help but notice this niggle.

A sense of “is this it?”

This yearning for, well, something else.

More meaning, more purpose, less stress, more joy!

In fact on the joy front, you’ve kind of forgotten what that is – but would like to get it back.

And maybe you’ve tried changing jobs and have sort of explored other options, but you are left feeling a bit stuck.

Nothing you try is working and you are starting to think that maybe you are the problem.

You aren’t

The problem is that a crucial part of your education was missing (or even worse, damaging).

Instead of learning how to manage your emotions, you were taught to ignore and avoid them.

To push your needs down for the comfort of someone else.

Probably made your parents and teachers lives easier that they didn’t have to deal with it, but as an adult – you haven’t really got a mechanism for dealing with all that life throws at you.

And that kinda sucks and feels very uncomfortable.

So you bury yourself in work.

You may drink.


Over eat.

Over exercise.

Plan and organise and control everything and everyone (perfect way to ruin relationships btw).

Cue more stress, excessive working and people pleasing behaviour.

And the real fuc£er in all of it, is that this way of being (painful as it is to be in your brain day to day) has actually been quite successful (on paper anyway) and you aren’t really sure you will amount to much without it.

But you still don’t want to stay stuck.

And are ready to find a new way.

It’s time to go back to school!

A school where you learn all the stuff they didn’t teach you the first time and unlearn all the really unhelpful patterns you’ve picked up along the way.

Such as:

– Figuring out what you are naturally good at and enjoy
– Putting in place boundaries
– Learning how to have difficult conversations
– Managing your energy
– Understanding yourself
– Building confidence and self belief
– Stop comparing and judging
– Undoing damaging family dynamics
– Getting clear on your money story and relationship with money
– Taking care of yourself no matter what

The good news is I have the curriculum.

An Extraordinary Life (my group program) is the school for your life.

You will learn all the tools you need to have a life that feels good and have my support at every stage so you make it happen.

We meet as a group every week and your course work is available on demand inside a private portal.

It’s time to go back to school – doors are open!

This is THE education you have been missing.

Find out more here

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