There is no mould you need to fit to work with me.

I don’t limit my client base to a particular career choice or demographic.

And so everyone I work with comes from different backgrounds.

A mix of ethnicities.

Different sexes.

Professionals (I currently work with lawyers, tax professionals, accountants, consultants, Big 4 partners, recruiters, engineers, marketing experts, project managers, coaches, personal trainers, digital clinical experts…. the list goes on).

Self employed (from seasoned business owners to those starting a business for the first time).

Very senior.

New to work.




Not parents.


Less wealthy (in a traditional sense).

But what they have in common is this:

They have a yearning to have a life that FEELS better.

To stop people pleasing.

To be kinder to themselves.

To experience more joy, happiness, awe and wonder in their day to day.

To FEEL whole and complete.

To be able to just BE, without needing approval or validation from others.

To make decisions for themselves and by themselves without fear of others opinions.

To love and be loved.

And I adore working with them all.

And the best bit – when they come together in my extraordinary life program, the perceived differences vanish.

They are all just humans who have found themselves in a space where it feels safe to be exactly who they are.

They show up, they share and they support.

All of them.

For everyone else AND for themselves.

Some share more than others.

Every benefits from everyone else.

As someone commented on this weeks call – it is a truly safe space.

Even those who are really new to the group feel it.

There is an instant welcoming.

A sense of belonging.

A feeling of being held and knowing that whatever they bring, their needs will be tended to.

They will be supported.

And challenged where appropriate.

So that they can figure out what it is they want AND find a way to do just that.

The only thing you need to fit in here is to decide you want to.

We are changing the world in here – by changing our own and learning that the greatest thing is to simply be who we are and find a way to be ok with that.

You belong here.

If you read and relate to my content, you belong and you are invited with open arms.

Come join us.

Read more about the group and book a call to speak to me about joining here.

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