I spent ten years in a career I didn’t love….

I spent ten years in a career I didn’t love.

That I was spectacularly good at, but found horrendously stressful.

I reckon I knew during my degree it wasn’t for me.

I for sure knew at points during my training contract.

Remember interviewing for other roles (and really not wanting to do it any more) around 2013.

I even did a non-legal secondment for a year in 2015 before going back in 2016.

I was so blind to how I felt, how I could feel and the options available to me that I just kept going.

Until I literally couldn’t.

I made a promise to myself in October 2018, having been signed off work with stress (which honestly felt like the ultimate failure at the time) that I was doing EVERYTHING I needed to from here on out so I never felt that way again.

I knew it was meant to feel better than it did, but had no idea what I could do about it.

Since 2018, I have lived differently.

There is an intent to my actions.

I am willing to do the hard work (by which I mean face all my shit) so I can carry round a little less of the baggage I had picked up in the 33 years before.

I no longer have “one days”.

When I know something will help me, I get the help.

I don’t tell myself “I will do it when….”

I learned that lesson.

When we wait – we do it when we HAVE to.

And at that point, there’s a whole load of extra pain there that may have been avoided.

Don’t wait for things to get so bad you have to do something different.

Choose to do something different because you want to.

Because you know you are here to do something bigger with your life.

To have an impact.

To feel happy and content and peaceful – and be able to take that version of you to create epic changes in this world.

Don’t wait to do the things you want to do.

This is your life.

It can’t wait.

Learn from those who have gone before you.

Make a change when you want to, not when you have to.

And whatever support you can get along the way – grab it with both hands.

You deserve to feel happy and joyful about your life.

If you don’t – know you can do something about it.

AND it’s all going to be ok

3 years ago both me and Nat (my husband) were in a mess.

It was really really hard.

On a walk on Friday (possible because neither of us have worked a Friday in a LONG time) – we reflected on the changes we have been through and I wish you could have a fly on the wall experience of how it’s all played out.

However impossible what you want feels right now – keep going.

I promise you it will be so worth it.

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