Things I have learned in the last year

  • Becoming unwell in the environment you work in does not make you weak or a failure. (Though it might be a sign that you would benefit from changing your work environment).


  • When you are vulnerable and show up as you are, the fears you had about being judged rarely materialise. The most common response is you find yourself listening to a story just like yours. Sharing yourself gives others permission to do the same.


  • Children need to grow up feeling approved of. This does not mean that ambition isn’t important – but ticking boxes of “success” shouldn’t be the sole metric on which you measure your children. Make them feel like they are enough just as they are.


  • Open and honest conversation is important. When we spend our lives not saying how we feel or what we think, relationships can become quite negative. We can also make assumptions that may or may not be true – and if this happens in environments when people already aren’t being honest – it’s not a good place to be. This applies equally at home, work and with friends and family.


  • The more comfortable you are in yourself, the less the judgements and opinions of others matter.


  • Anxiety is contagious – be careful how your anxiety impacts your interactions with others.


  • A good walk can do wonders for the mind.


  • Identify your values and live by them. It fosters inner calm.


  • Identify when your body naturally wants to sleep and wake. Try to create a life in line with that.


  • It’s okay to let go of control.


  • Absolutely everyone can benefit from coaching. Absolutely nobody can or should be forced into coaching. Change has to come from the individual.


  • You can’t change the people around you. You can change how you feel about the people around you.


  • If you don’t deal with your stuff, it impacts how you show up.


  • The mind needs training just like the body needs training. Don’t expect to have good mental health if you neglect your head.


I would love you to comment below with your key takeaways from the past 12 months.

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