As someone who has experienced the negative implications of excessive stress in the workplace, one of my aims is to make wellbeing at work something that is taken seriously by all employers. 

In pursuit of this goal, I regularly present and deliver interactive workshops aimed at optimising employees wellbeing and resilience through a combination of evidence based practices, coaching techniques and personal experience (as a manager, a coach and a human).

I have a selection of workshops that can be delivered to your team online, over lunch, at an away day or at a team meeting. The underlying theme of each workshop is to provide actionable tools and tips that can be used by the individuals for their own benefit as well as the wider benefit of the team and business.

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to listen to your experiences today. The session was amazing, your honesty is inspiring and your advice invaluable. It was great to get involved in the discussion too."

Current Workshops include:

  • Goal setting: how to set meaningful goals that are achievable and sustainable

  • Working together: tools for improved communication and open dialogue

  • Career transition: understanding the emotional and practical aspects of career change

  • Understanding, recognising and managing the stress response

  • Prioritising wellbeing, resilience and mental health

  • Resilience: essential tools for a modern world

  • Managing your career progression through a crisis

  • Be your own coach: tools to empower and grow

  • The power of being who you are

""This week I had the pleasure to attend an insightful workshop on wellbeing and resilience.
Major takeaways:
1. Listen to my body and my needs
2. Prioritize myself and my wellbeing
3. Take care of myself before taking care of others
Often we forget to look after ourselves.
We may even feel selfish, but truth is: You can better support and serve others by being at your best.
Putting yourself first is not being uncaring nor unkind. By ensuring your wellbeing you can make a difference to yourself and in other people's lives.
Truly grateful for the reminder Louise. Empowering and enlightening session!"



Head of HR

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