What is my why?

When we look at goal setting in my Extraordinary Life program, one of the workbook questions focuses on getting clear on your why. Having a clear motivation for WHY you want to do something is a key factor in being able to do whatever is required to make it happen. When things feel hard, being …

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Option 3

How many times have you told yourself that things will be ok once that deal completes or you get the next project over the line? Have you noticed it never works out that way? Sure, it might get more bearable for a while. Maybe your hours reduce a bit and the craziness ceases temporarily, but …

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Have a Job you Love?

My 8 week online course, Have a Job you Love, starts again on Monday 28th September and I wanted to take some time to explain why the course themes are so critical to you having a job and life you love. I am using my personal experience as an example because it allows me to …

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How to fail successfully

We grow up being told that failure is bad and should be avoided at all costs. In fact for a time many schools used to give prizes to all so that everyone won. This creates a culture where failure isn’t ok. People hide their failures. Or worse, they stay “safe” and never take a risk …

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