What is my why?

When we look at goal setting in my Extraordinary Life program, one of the workbook questions focuses on getting clear on your why.

Having a clear motivation for WHY you want to do something is a key factor in being able to do whatever is required to make it happen. When things feel hard, being able to connect to the reason you are doing the work means you keep going and get it done.

(If you want to explore the topic of finding your why further, check this out: Ted talk – Simon Sinek, start with why ).

My why is simple.

In 2018 I felt like shit. I wasn’t sleeping, my head was like a constant to do list on repeat, I felt anxious, I cried every day, I hated my job, I blamed my husband for it all, weekends were spent recovering for the next week so there was very little space for socialising (even the idea of a late night made me feel anxious) and I had no idea what fun, lightness and frivolity was.

I thought it was just how I was and never really questioned how it had come about and if I could do anything to change it. I felt stuck and left it at that.

On the surface everything looked fine.

Until it didn’t. Ten years into a career in the legal profession the cracks really began to show and I was signed off work with stress.

I made a promise to myself that I was going to work through everything I needed to, until my life felt how, deep down, I knew it should.

I’m not claiming that doing so was always a walk in the park or that the process is complete, but the work I did changed everything.

I left PwC in October 2018 and remember noticing this strange feeling around February 2019: my head wasn’t busy anymore. It was calm.

My marriage improved (turns out it wasn’t all his fault).

How I saw and treated myself improved.

I started to understand what I wanted and that it was ok to have it.

Laughter returned to our home.

I learned to say no to things I didn’t want to do.

I stopped comparing and fearing judgment.

I stopped judging others.

I stopped bitching and moaning and focused on the good stuff.

Things got good. Really good.

Now things are amazing. I can’t even begin to list all the changes I have experienced.

2.5 years ago I was where you are now.

I didn’t know I had a choice to be whoever I wanted to be WITHOUT sacrificing the things I wanted.

My why is simple. I want to help hundreds and thousands of people over my lifetime to break out of the life they think they are stuck in and discover that there is a better way – to stop the suffering they have resigned themselves to and help them create a life that feels amazing.

When I left law to retrain as a coach, I thought I would be a coach who helped people progress in their careers. Then I started doing the work on myself and realised what was really required to make a difference.

Helping with your job status isn’t enough for me. I want you to do well, but I want you to feel well too.

To understand HOW to get the tangible results you want from your life in a way that feels good. That isn’t stressful. That allows you to enjoy the time you have on this earth, at work, at home, in your relationships and in how you feel about yourself.

Because when you get to that place – do you know what happens? You feeling f*cking incredible and wish you had discovered the possibility sooner.

Back in 2018 I didn’t know that was possible, but it is.

And now I want as many people as possible to know and to make it their reality.

That niggle you have that you are destined for a happier life isn’t a pipe dream.

My why is to help you be more of who you are, to follow dreams and stop trying to meet an ideal that was set by someone else.

My why is simple. I want to make every part of your life better – so that in turn you can make the lives of those around you better and then little by little we change the narrative for ourselves and the generations to come.

What is your why and does your current life support that?

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