The philosophy of an extraordinary life

In an extraordinary life, we know it’s possible to have a life you love and get paid well too.

We create a feeling of security by the way we think, behave and treat others, not by the illusion of security that is provided by an employment contract, private medical insurance and a pension.

We get to work creating a life that feels awesome, whatever day of the week it is and know that the only thing that would be a waste of our education and training is to keep using it in a job that makes us miserable.

We put ourselves first.

Not because we are selfish, but because doing so lets us be better at everything else and better for everyone else.

We don’t feel bad about meeting our needs because we know we matter. We have always mattered.

And we know our worth. That our value is inherent and does not need to be earned. That does not go up or down depending on our job title or bank balance, it just is.

We have nothing to prove. To anyone.

We believe in who we are and we believe in others too. We don’t judge or get stuck in comparison.

We save our energy for the things that matter. Our lives, our results and the impact we want to have in the world.

We don’t blame or shirk responsibility and we don’t let others shirt their responsibility by blaming us.

We stand for who we are, with honesty, kindness and compassion.

We don’t avoid the difficult conversations. We have them in a productive way that feels good for who we are and how we want to be.

We say no.

A lot.

To things that don’t light us up and to requests we cannot fulfil without sacrificing ourselves.

We will always disappoint others before we disappoint ourselves.

And we always ask for help when we need it.

We know how to manage our minds, process emotions and turn any challenge into a gift or opportunity.

We don’t lose days trapped in anger or frustration at ourselves, others or circumstances. We deal with it and we move on.

We enjoy our free time and we have lots of it.

Our weeks work for us and are balanced because we have balanced them.

We are free and we are glorious.

An Extraordinary Life is a unique space and a special way of being and we want to share it with you.

Join us here.

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