Option 3

How many times have you told yourself that things will be ok once that deal completes or you get the next project over the line?

Have you noticed it never works out that way?

Sure, it might get more bearable for a while. Maybe your hours reduce a bit and the craziness ceases temporarily, but you’re still left doing a job you don’t enjoy and if you are honest, even when it’s not manic, it’s still taking up more of your time than you would like.

Even when you aren’t working, you don’t switch off. Not really.

You wake up in the night thinking about work and when you are awake, you are permanently chained to your laptop or phone, just in case anything should come in that requires your immediate attention.

It’s all consuming, but you can’t see another option.

You would love to have work life balance, but everyone knows that you have one of two choices.
1.     Give everything you have to your job, have a nice house and be able to afford the lifestyle you want; or
2.     Do work you love with meaning and purpose, but sacrifice financial security and everything you think comes with it.

And because you already have the house with the mortgage, the school fees and the car payments to make, your only choice is option 1.

So you need to suck it up and get on with it, regardless of how it makes you feel and the impact that has on your enjoyment of life and how you show up for the people you care about.

That’s a lot of pressure, right?

But what if there was an option 3?

An ability to do work you love, to switch off outside of work, have the flexibility you crave AND be able to create the income you want?

How good would that be?

Two and a half years ago, I decided to explore the possibility of an option 3. I wanted:

– To work 4 days a week, with time for walks and exercise on each of those days.
– To feel light and be able to laugh and have fun inside and outside of work.
– To enjoy my life without everything feeling so heavy and serious.
– To sleep through the night every night.
– To earn enough that I didn’t have to worry about money.
– To earn enough so that Nat could stop working and discover what his passion truly is.
– To do work that makes a difference.
– To help people escape the jobs and lives they feel trapped in without the sacrifice.
– Everything I never knew I deserved. An extraordinary life in all respects.

So it turns out there’s an option 3. Who knew!

Option 3 is now my reality. (Though you have to watch this space for Nat’s next move which is still TBC).

Option 3 is now my client’s reality.

My clients are crafting lives they love, generating more income, providing for their families – but above all providing for themselves and what THEY need.

They understand that doing that is not selfish, but benefits everyone.

They are glorious and their lives are glorious.

Are you ready to pick option 3?

Book a call with me and we can explore how I can help you make it a reality.

And if you are ready to dive into option 3 and create a life that feels amazing Monday to Sunday, join me in An Extraordinary Life and let’s get to work. You get access to all course materials when you sign up and then you can get coaching on anything you need on the Thursday calls.

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