Self Belief

How we feel about ourselves can have such a monumental impact on every aspect of our lives and I know that whilst many people appear confident and self assured on the outside, on the inside it is another story.

When we feel comfortable in our own skin, we feel better and are less worried about what other people might think. Improving self belief can also reduce a lot of second guessing and overthinking so it is worth spending some time to do this.

The following are things you can use to enhance your own self belief.

1. Take time to notice when your self belief is highest. Who are you with? What are you doing? Look for ways to do more of this in your life.

2. Gather evidence. Create a folder of positive feedback you have received and give it a read on the days when your self belief needs a boost. (If you don’t have this, ask a few friends to describe your positive attributes in 3-5 words – you will be pleasantly surprised to see what you get back).

3. What or who drains your self belief? Look for ways to have less of this in your life.

4. Notice your thoughts. Are they true? It is too easy to be unkind to ourselves – taking the time to ask ourselves if our thoughts are true can help to press reset and stop us beating up on ourselves (and our self belief).

If you would like my support to improve your self belief, send me an email to or book a free 30 minute call to find out more by clicking here.

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