Why do you do your job?

I believe we only get one life and that it is important that we enjoy the work we do – not least because we spend so much of our time being at work (and/or thinking about it).

I believe that, on balance, the experience of work should be rewarding and positive and that everyone is capable of achieving this.

I want to help you get to a place where you can say “I love my job. I am excited to go to work. I look forward to Monday.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean changing jobs. It’s about digging deep into your values, figuring out what drives you (and why), what you need to change/let go of in order to thrive in the environment you choose to work in.

This is my passion. This makes me excited.

Helping people get to a place where they can genuinely say they love their job, look forward to Monday and feel excited to go to work, feels amazing.

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